Long Distance Program


The distance learning program is part of a revolutionary new scheme by Grandmaster Kwok to enable Wing Chun enthusiasts around the world to have a high standard of instruction, regardless of their location. He believes that modern technology can be used to help raise the worldwide standard of traditional Wing Chun, as was envisioned by the late grandmaster Ip Man.



This new online course includes the following:

  • A guide personally written by Grandmaster Kwok for how to best structure your training at home.
  • Monthly 2 video lessons which will be approximately 5 minutes in length.
  • One-to-one contact availability with Grandmaster Kwok to answer any questions you may have.
  • One-to-one webcam sessions with Grandmaster Kwok, at a mutually arranged time.
  • The ability to send Grandmaster Kwok your training videos which will be constructively criticised to ensure continued improvement and technique accuracy.

Please note your camcorder must be able to create .avi files and connect to a computer. If you are unsure how to do all of this, follow the guide for using a free program called VirtualDub with a Free codec called XVid. 

Along with this online instruction package, it is highly recommended that the other materials Grandmaster Kwok has released, such as his Mastering Wing Chun book and dvd series, be used. This will mean that Grandmaster Kwok can spend more time on tweaking a students techniques and positions rather than teaching basics that are already available in other materials. Students will be able to make best use of Grandmaster Kwok's personal tuition and guidance in this way, and will progress at a much better pace.
Please note that the individual attention each distance learning applicant will require will mean that Grandmaster Kwok can only accept so many students. Places are therefore limited for this new scheme.
For the serious student, it is also possible to arrange private lessons with Grandmaster Kwok.

Phone: +44 775319 1680
Email: kwokwingchun@hotmail.com
Facebook: Personal page
Facebook: Fan page

Finally, there are several training trips a year organised by Grandmaster Kwok. These holidays contain many hours of training each day, with martial artist from all over the world. Attending is guaranteed to vastly improve your Wing Chun abilities.


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