International Training Camp Turkey CANCELLED

Antalya - Turkey

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The event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus epidemic outbreak.


Training 7 days: £300,00
Hotel: € 40,00 pp. per night in a double room – € 65,00 pp. per night in a single room.

Program Turkey

Morning 10-12 Every day 15 minutes warm-up Forms & Techniques 

08-Apr Siu Lim Tao
09-Apr Chum Kiu
10-Apr Biu Gee
11-Apr Wooden Dummy
12-Apr Wooden Dummy
13-Apr Long Pole & Knives
14-Apr Chi Sao Free

Afternoon 14-16

08-Apr Applications & Chi Sao
09-Apr Applications & Chi Sao
10-Apr Applications & Chi Sao
11-Apr Applications & Chi Sao
12-Apr Applications & Chi Sao
13-Apr Applications & Chi Sao
14-Apr Certificates & Pictures


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