Becoming an Association Instructor

There are two main ways to become an official instructor in the association.
The processes are outlined below.
However both options have a probationary period where the candidates teaching, skill and adherence to the association rules will continue to be assessed by Grandmaster Kwok and existing association instructors.
If for any reason the candidate is not up to the standard expected there instructor status will be removed and they may have the option to apply again later depending on the discussion of Grandmaster Kwok and his leadership team.

Working up to instructor from inside the association

- Once a student inside the association has completed the syllabus up to the weapons forms they may be an assistant instructor with their sifu's permission.
- They must then spend at least 20 hours teaching under supervision.
- They must also have completed the final syllabus grading.
- Then with the permission of their instructor, the student can apply to Grandmaster Samuel Kwok to be an official association instructor.
- Once approved they will be on a 6 month probationary period.

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An instructor joining from outside the association

- The instructor applying to join the association must spend at least 20 hours training with Grandaster Kwok so their skill can be assessed.
- They must also complete the final association syllabus grading.
- Then the instructor can apply to Grandmaster Samuel Kwok to be an official association instructor.
- Once approved they will be on a 12 month probationary period.

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