For Instructors and Schools/Clubs!

To develop a strong association it is very important that all instructors in the association learn the correct forms as taught by Grandmaster Kwok.

You have to know the correct forms at all times and must instruct your own students accordingly. Slight variations are acceptable but limited to those Grandmaster Kwok shows himself at various demonstrations.

The video’s on this page show the correct forms. We will try to film new video’s soon with Grandmaster Kwok or someone of his choosing.

The videos below show the correct version of how the forms should be executed in the association. Slight variations are acceptable but the sequences should be followed when performing these forms especially during public demonstrations.

You are part of the association and as such are representing the association at all times. Therefore you must perform the forms as shown below.

Siu Lim Tao

Chum Kiu

Biu Gee

Mook Yan Jong

Luk Dim Boon Gwun


International Training Camp 2022

21-28, September 2022 – Praia Da Rocha/Portimao – Algarve – Portugal