2020 Annual Training Camp

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you are undoubtedly aware, we all face a worldwide challenge dealing with the Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus. Aside from our own personal challenges, we have had to cancel the 2020 annual training camp. Initially it was hoped that we could reschedule for later in the year, however as the pandemic grows in severity it is becoming increasingly clear that this would be unachievable.

Many of you who intended to attend the training camp may have paid in advance for your training. This leads us to the matter of how those training fees are to be handled. In short, all fees paid this year will be valid for next years training camp without any increase in premium.

However, should this cause you difficulty and you would like to discuss options for a refund then please let us know through email at administration@skwcmaa.org or by Personal Message through Messenger or WhatsApp. (Jan Metten, Tommy Schwartz, Lee Upton).

As the decision to cancel the camp has largely been enforced upon us in a relatively short space of time, we appreciate your patience in this matter. Please be aware that any refunds given may have to be made in instalments as Sifu, like all us, did not anticipate a global event of this magnitude.

As this is being collated by the association committee, we request that you send via email or PM a screenshot of the transaction relating to the payment of fees to ensure that you training payment is accounted for. These will not be retained and are purely for the purpose of ensuring you are acknowledged as having paid for the next training camp. Please note that we can only process those claims that have the supporting evidence.


Sifu is aware that many of us are facing difficult and troubling times, however it is important that we continue to support each other, stay well, keep focused and practice daily. If you are fortunate enough to have access to online training, then please support your Sifu and GM Kwok. If you do not have access to online training but are a member of the association then please contact ourselves through administration@skwcmaa.org to discuss options for online training at a reduced rate.

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