Grandmaster Samuel Kwok

“I want to pass on Ip Man Wing Chun as taught by the late Grandmaster Ip Man and GM Ip Ching and GM Ip Chun “

The Samuel Kwok Martial Art Association was founded over 40 years ago by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.
The association’s vision is to teach authentic Ip Man Wing Chun to an exceptionally high standard.
The SKWCMAA is a worldwide association with representatives in over 35 countries. With more than 50 clubs/schools and thousands of members the association is 1 of the biggest Wing Chun Associations worldwide.
The SKWCMAA was established to promote traditional Ip Man Wing worldwide. As President Grandmaster Samuel Kwok travels the world to visit the clubs/schools to help them promote Ip Man Wing Chun in their countries and regions.
The association members are one big Kung Fu Family supported by Grandmaster Kwok and the association, not only to teach Kung Fu but to help bring together people of different nationality, race, faith and believe as one.
The association strives to help each other and believes in working together to achieve a high level of Wing Chun Kung Fu and a fit and healthy life.


We provide a wide array of support to our students and instructors.


All paying members of the association will receive discounts on seminars and training camps


All members of the association can attend classes in other validated schools/clubs of the association. Not on a regular basis but when visiting on holiday, work trip, …


All instructors receive support from the association in promoting their School/Club


All validated instructors of the association teach authentic Ip Man Wing Chun



The committee is the board of the association. 

The committee safeguards the goals of the association.

Master Tommy Schwartz


Master Jan Metten


Sifu Lee Upton


Master Mauro Fortes

Committee Member

Master Carlos Lewis

Committee Member

Master Bill McKay

Committee Member

Master Peter Mogridge

Committee Member

Master Cesar Olavarria

Committee Member

Area reps


Area Representatives

An Area Representative is responsible for overseeing the development of approved schools and good communication between them with the help and guidance of the Committee.