It is with great honour to have Cynthia Rothrock as my student/ disciple and HONORARY DIRECTOR OF THE SAMUEL KWOK WING CHUN MARTIAL ART ASSOCIATION .

Cynthia Rothrock was born on March 8, 1957 in Wilmington, Delaware. Only 5'3" tall, she holds five Black belts and was World Karate Champion from 1981-85. Cybthia Rothrock was the undefeated World Karate Champion in both forms and weapons competitions from 1981 to 1985. And she is one of the very few individuals to be inducted into both the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame.

Cynthia Rothrock eventually caught the attention of Hong Kong-based Golden Harvest Productions, who cast her opposite kung-fu queen Michelle Yeoh in 1985's box office hit Yes, Madam. She spent five years in Hong Kong, becoming one of the few Caucasian performers to achieve genuine stardom in seven films.  Cynthia Rothrock's more than 30 cinematic ventures included Guardian Angel, Honor & Glory, No Retreat, No Surrender 2 and Prince of the Sun. She also appeared as Bertha Jo in the 1997 TV movie The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion. In addition to films, Cynthia Rothrock was also an inspiration behind the video game character Sonya Blade in the game Mortal Kombat.