Master Steve Colton

40 years of teaching Wing Chun at ELWC 1983-2023

Saturday 12 February 2023, a fantastic day for Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Different clubs supporting each other from Lancashire Ribble Valley Wing Chun Kung Fu and Yorkshire Leeds Wing Chun and the Midlands to celebrating 40 years of dedication from Master Steve Colton with a seminar from Grandmaster  Samuel Kwok and other guest from Afghanistan showing some MMA.

Steve has been involved in martial arts since the early 70s and like many got his inspiration from Bruce Lee movies. Which exploded onto the big screen at that time.

Steve studied both judo and karate to a high level before deciding that he wanted something a bit different from his martial arts training. In 1983 Steve began searching for alternatives and came across the Chinese kung fu style of Wing Chun although the training in techniques was very basic in those days due to a general lack of knowledge. Steve soon became hooked and searched for further instructions. 

This was not too far away as Master Samuel Kwok was in a martial arts magazine for pupils, and immediately Steve contacted Master Kwok. The rest is history. Steve is now Grandmaster Kwok’s most senior instructor in the north of England. 

Not only has he been training with him since 1984, but he also had the privilege of training with Grandmasters Ip Ching & and Ip Chun.

Some words from Grandmaster Samuel Kwok:

Steve Colton is one of my most dedicated students . He trained hard and spending half his life promoting Wing Chun. He worked as a nurse assistant and helped to protect the nurses with his Wing Chung skills against violent patients . He have trained many students over the years .

Some pictures of the seminar