SKWCMAA Regulations

SKWCMAA Regulations

Conditions of Association Membership


As a part of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Art Association, it is only right and proper that your school openly states its membership, both as a matter of respect to Sifu Kwok, and also to strengthen the association worldwide.

When considering a school name, SKWCMAA should be clear, e.g. SKWCMAA Middlesbrough or SKWCMAA Ringsted. If your school already incorporates SKWCMAA in its name, then no further action is required from you. If it does not there are two options:

   1, add SKWCMAA to the name, or

   2, ensure that it is clearly stated on any website, social media platform or printed media that your school is ‘a member of the SKWCMAA’.

Sifu Kwok has spent a lifetime gaining knowledge that he graciously shares with us. It is absolutely correct that this is acknowledged by his students.



As with the name, the association logo should be the first choice when establishing a school. However even if your school has already created its own logo, the association logo should be displayed on any website, social media platform, or printed media. Members are reminded that changing/altering the association logo to suit their own school without the express permission of Sifu Kwok is extremely disrespectful and cannot happen. Even if permission is granted, the association logo should be displayed as stated alongside any other logo or crest.

Please remember that this is to show unity around the world and strengthen the association. By increasing the standing and reputation of the association we will also raise the standing and reputation of its members. In short, a respected association is good for member schools and instructors.

Compliance with these elements is required to be included in any official association website, directory, advertisement. 


Member Subscriptions

Schools that have an arrangement with Sifu Kwok or/and the Association previous to 01-01-2020 keep that arrangement.

All schools/Instructors will be asked to keep records of their members at the Association’s website.

New Members & Schools:

Yearly membership fee per student: £ 40,00

Advantages of being a paid member

  1. All members will receive discounts on seminars and training camps
  2. All members of the association can attend classes in other schools/clubs of the association. Not on a regular basis but when visiting on holiday, work trip, … things like that.
  3. All instructors will receive support from the association in promoting their School/Club.

All existing Schools/Clubs are free to subscribe to this. If you want discounts and support, you need to subscribe to rule 2.


Instructor Rules

As an instructor in the association, you are legally responsible for the information you give to your students and their safety during the lessons.

Instructor Status

To be given the title of Sifu in your school or club is an honor and privileged position. This status should not be given or accepted lightly nor the responsibilities that come with it.

As an instructor of an approved Samuel Kwok School you are expected to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all times. Your reputation will reflect on your Sifu, your school and of course Grandmaster Kwok so care must be taken to present yourself correctly

in front of students, your Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters and the general public.

There are several levels of Instructor in approved Association Schools:

  • Assistant Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Senior Instructor
  • Master


  • You must be qualified to teach.
  • You must be covered by a liability insurance policy in order to teach.
  • You must ensure students of your club follow the association student rules. You must also lead by example and ensure you follow all the student rules as well.
  • You must do an appropriate warm-up before class to ensure students are not injured.
  • You must not intentionally injure your students.
  • You must teach honestly, and never mislead your students.
  • You must train your students in line with the teachings of Grandmaster Samuel Kwok.

Personal Development

  • You must keep trying to develop your own skills and ability after becoming an instructor. This means attending at least one seminar or training camp with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok every 2 years.
  • As an Instructor, it is respectful to inform GM Kwok if you wish to train Wing Chun with or arrange Wing Chun seminars with, anyone outside of the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Arts Association. For instance, GM Ip Chun.

New instructors’ application and acceptance.

Every new applicant must follow these steps and requirements:


  • Minimum of 5 years training Wing Chun
  • Provide name(s) of previous instructor(s)
  • Demonstrate all forms (live or video) as previously learned

A trial period for 1 year (can be extended)

  • Must follow 1 seminar organized by GM Kwok.
  • If possible, train with other instructors.
  • At least 3 training sessions must be followed directly from GM Kwok (private, seminar or training camp) or a qualified senior instructor. Annual Training Camp counts for 2 sessions.
  • Demonstrate all SKWCMAA forms on video for final evaluation by the committee and GM Kwok.
  • Certificate of Junior Instructor.

After another 2 years:

  • Evaluation by committee.
  • If successful Certificate of Instructor

After another 5 years:

  • Evaluation by committee.
  • If successful Certificate of Senior Instructor.

Ranks/ Titles/ Grades/Certificates

All Instructors, Schools/Clubs have a large responsibility to uphold the standards of the Association. Therefore, we need some rules in grading and titles in the Association

Who can issue/verify what rank in the Association?

School/Club owners can verify any rank in their own School/Club, but this is not verified by the Association.

In the Association only Instructors, Masters and Grand Master can verify Association ranks.


Can verify Assistant Instructor

Senior Instructor

Can verify Assistant Instructor


Can verify an Instructor and Assistant Instructor

Grand Master and Board of the Association

Can verify Master, Instructor and Assistant Instructor

Validated ranks can only be issued and verified by the Committee of the Association.

Validation of Association Certificates

To help schools and clubs in promoting Ip Man Wing Chun and their club/school in growing we will create a Validated Instructors Page in different categories on the new website. It will allow instructors to prove their status and capability to potential new students.


  1. Validated Association Certified Grand Master
  2. Validated Association Certified Master
  3. Validated Association Certified Senior Instructor
  4. Validated Association Certified Instructor
  5. Association Certified Master
  6. Association Certified Senior Instructor
  7. Association Certified Instructor
  8. Association Instructor

To become a validated Instructor, you need to:

  1. Provide a copy of the Association certificate.
  2. Have an active School/ Club.
  3. Provide a video or live demonstration of all the forms to be inspected by appointed Committee Members.
  4. Attend a seminar, annual training camp organised by the association, or have a private training session with Sifu Samuel Kwok. This at least every 2 years.


Only certificates issued by the Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Art Association are valid certificates. Any other certificate issued by any other instance is not valid for the Association. Any award, hall of honor certificate or similar awards and/or certificate have no value in the Association and are therefore not recognized as an Association certificate, title or rank.

Only the certificates instructors can download from the website are valid Association certificates. Please as from April 2020 only use these certificates.


All Schools/Clubs must implement the current Syllabus of the Association in their grading program. How this is done is up to all instructors.

The syllabus can be found here.


Association Rules and regulations

Internet and Social Media

  • In the event that someone outside the association attacks the association, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok, or any members of the association, on any social network. Students and instructors should not reply, engage or otherwise condone the activity. The SKWCMAA may wish to provide an official response and this should be the only way issues are responded to. We must remain a professional organization at all times.
  • If you run a website please ensure you provide a link back to the official Grandmaster Samuel Kwok Website: and to this website: If you copy articles or text off of the site for your own website, please provide a link to the original article.
  • If you wish to publish videos (on YouTube for example) using the association name or logo, please seek permission from Grandmaster Samuel Kwok or someone from the association leadership team (Committee or Area Representatives).

Supporting the Association

  • When bringing your students to an event like seminars or training camps organized by Grandmaster Samuel Kwok or other instructors, you should not seek to profit from inflating prices that have already been set.
  • You must encourage your students to take part in association trips, seminars and training camps.
  • You must offer to arrange a seminar for Grandmaster Samuel Kwok at your club at least once every two years (ideally more often). When arranging a seminar highlight the expected attendance level. Clubbing together with nearby schools can help. It will be up to Grandmaster Samuel Kwok and his schedule whether he decides to teach the seminar. This should be arranged well in advance of the seminar and before any money has been collected for the seminar.

Approved School Rules

  1. Do nothing to bring disrepute to your club or your Sifu.
  2. Only use your Wing Chun in the form of self-defense and then only as a last resort.
  3. Show respect at all times to your fellow instructors, your Sifu, and other approved school members.
  4. Do not discuss or show not approved school members techniques that you learn from Grandmaster Kwok.
  5. Never criticize students of other martial arts or schools.
  6. Train regularly, be on time for your students and attend training seminars whenever possible.
  7. Exercise control when training, respect your students or fellow instructors’ capabilities.
  8. NEVER take a class under the influence of alcohol or drugs as this can lead to disciplinary action and exclusion of your school and instructor certification.
  9. Respect your Kung Fu Brothers and Sisters, help your friends, family, and members of your community.
  10. If you have any grievance always speak to your Sifu first and do not attempt to “bypass” your Sifu as this is disrespectful.
  11. Ensure all school fees are paid in good time and accurate records are kept, by agreeing to become an approved Samuel Kwok school you have a responsibility and moral obligation.
  12. There is an annual fee for approved school members that will be paid on the application of membership and every year no later than 1 month before the expiration date.
  13. Every year there are seminars and special events hosted all over the world including trips to China, training camps and instructor training seminars. You should always make every effort to show your support to fellow instructors and approved schools but most importantly to Grandmaster Samuel Kwok by attending, this is expected and your duty as a dedicated disciple or instructor with such a privileged lineage.

Complaints/Grievance Procedure:

A complaint committee will be formed, and a procedure written out by the committee.area

Instructor Training Seminars:

There will be 2 yearly events organized by the Association.

  1. The annual training camp which will take place around Easter and GM Kwok’s birthday.
  2. The yearly Instructors Seminar which will take place between September and December according to the availability of GM Kwok.

Other seminars will be organized by individual Schools/Clubs and can be assisted by the Association upon simple request to your area representative.

Association Yearly Event/ Competition:

To support the Association, it is our intention to hold a yearly form competition between the worldwide students at the Annual Training Camp or/and hold an online Event. All ideas are welcome.