Syllabus & Grading Wing Chun

An instructor under the association can grade a student up to assistant instructor level. In order to be a full instructor under the association, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok must approve the appointment and will be responsible for any final testing of the candidate.

Seminars and Gradings

If your school operates a grading system you will be expected to take grades regularly. You can decide who is ready. Gradings can be at 3 – 6 month intervals or down to the discretion of the senior instructor. If you are teaching regularly this rewards a student’s natural progression as you should always attempt to constantly improve their abilities and knowledge of Ip Man Wing Chun.

Your school may or may not host an annual seminar with Grandmaster Kwok, if it does please publicize as much as possible. Seminars offer an excellent opportunity to meet various instructors and other students, as well as invaluable instruction from Grandmaster Kwok himself.
If your club does not host a seminar you will be encouraged to attend one nearest to you.
Your commitment to the association, and your club, and to showing respect for Grandmaster Kwok should enable you to attend at least 1 seminar per year. If you are fortunate enough to have the means you can attend seminars in other countries to show your support of the worldwide network, sharing experiences, making new friends, and building long-lasting friendships with people from all over the world is what sets our association above many others.
We thank you all for your support!

Red – Siu Lim Tao

Red 1

  • Siu Lim Tao – first section
  • Open/Close stance
  • Punching sets 12345
  • Moving punches forward/backwards
  • Centerline punch to partner

Red 2

  • Siu Lim Tao – second section
  • Turning punch
  • Inside/outside Tan Sao
  • Double Jut Sao
  • Counter punch with turning stance & Jut Sao – Strike Biu Gee
  • Counter punch with turning punch
  • Wall bag – front punches

Red 3

  • Siu Lim Tao – complete
  • Front kick from the basic stance
  • Punching to each other centerline (FEELING)
  • Turning Bong Sao against a straight punch
  • Jum Sao against high/low punch
  • Inside Gan Sao against a punch
  • Dan Chi Sao
  • Turning Pak Sao outside to punch
  • Lap Sao exercise

Red 4

  • Siu Lim Tao – Single Leg
  • Dan Chi Sao with changes
  • Lap Sao with changes
  • From guard – Pak Sao counter Pak Sao & punch
  • Counterpunch with Bong Sao & Lap Sao and follow through
  • Counterpunch with Jum Sao to punch and follow through
  • Defense against a wrist grab
  • Defense against neck grab
  • Defense against a rear bear hug
  • Application of techniques freely with control

Green – Chum Kiu

Green 1

  • Chum Kiu – first section
  • Counter Lap Sao with Lan Sao & low palm and kick
  • Counter pressure on Bong Sao with Lan Sao and step back
  • Poon Sao (rolling)
  • 45° stepping with punches
  • Counterpunch with Jum Sao/Ding Sao (GM Ip Chun uses Ding Sao)
  • Counterpunch from behind 180° turn & Fak Sao

Green 2

  • Chum Kiu – the second section
  • Walking square
  • Defend the attack from the side using a turning stance with Bong Sao & Lap Sao and follow through
  • Tok Sao/Jut Sao to punch
  • Chi Sao with changes
  • Wall bag – lift kick to the groin area

Green 3

  • Chum Kiu – complete
  • Chi Sao with basic techniques (basic)
  • Defend punch step 45° Bong Sao, Lap Sao & chop
  • Gum Sao against front kick & punch
  • 90° kick to opponent & punches
  • Defend against the pull to Bong Sao – step in low bong sao & strike

Green 4

  • Siu Lim Tao – complete
  • Chum Kiu – complete
  • Chi Sao with techniques and simple defense techniques

Brown – Biu Gee

Brown 1

  • Biu Gee – the first section
  • Counterpunch with Huen Ma stepping to an opponent with Tan Sao and punch
  • Counterpunch with Bong Sao, Lap Sao follows Kap Jarn to head
  • When blocked by Jum Sao, counter Gwoy Jarn & step in
  • Chi Sao one attacks, one defends at will

Brown 2

  • Biu Gee – the second section
  • Chi Sao with attack and defense techniques
  • Counterpunch Bong Sao to Biu Gee, Lap Sao & low palm
  • Counterpunch Bong Sao to Biu Gee, Lap Sao & high palm
  • Counterpunch Bong Sao to Biu Gee, Lap Sao to Kap Jarn
  • Defend against the roundhouse with Gan Sao
  • Defend against double hook punches with double Gan Sao

Brown 3

  • Biu Gee complete
  • Counterpunch Biu Sao, Biu Gee, Lap Sao & high palm
  • Counterpunch Biu Sao, Biu Gee, Lap Sao & low palm
  • Counterpunch double Lap Sao hook punch
  • Counter punches with triangle stepping and Biu Sao

Brown 4

  • Siu Lim Tao – complete
  • Chum Kiu – complete
  • Biu Gee – complete
  • Chi Sao

Black – Wooden Dummy/Pole/Knives

Black 1

  • Wooden Dummy

Black 2

  • 6 1/2 point pole

Black 3

  • Knives


  • Siu Lim Tao
  • Chum Kiu
  • Biu Gee
  • Wooden Dummy
  • Long Pole
  • Knives